The Holistic Learning Model

The Holistic Learning Model (Dawson, 2011) provides a framework to understand learning and behaviour. The model defines six key variables for learning; Attention, Motivation, Emotion, Memory, Physiology & Environment, with their individual determinants extruded. These variables exhibit a multitude of interactions which occur both simultaneously and continuously. This is represented at the heart of the model as integral influence.

All methods suggested to improve learning can be traced back to these six elements. The behavioural, constructivist and cognitive learning theories are based on at least some of these variables. However, these models restrict themselves to certain factors and fail to present the interactions, as such they are of limited use. The model aims to unify and simplify current psychological knowledge into a comprehensive learning model. The hope is that it will provide a framework for learning.

Posts are beginning to elaborate on this model, and add to it.

Holistic Learning Model (Dawson, 2011)

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